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Stop Badger Crime!

The Badger Trust have recently launched a campaign called “Stop Badger Crime” together with the release of a new short and hard-hitting film which is aimed at raising public awareness of crimes against badgers and encouraging reporting.

This film was made and presented by our Patron, naturalist and broadcaster Mike Dilger, and we are very pleased to have been able to take part in it. The film reveals the different methods used to persecute badgers, how to recognise the signs, and shows how recording and reporting badger crime helps investigators bring offenders to justice.

We must warn you that the film can be a bit of a tough watch in places, but we feel that it is necessary for us to highlight the terrible crimes inflicted on badgers throughout our country and make people aware on what can be done to help stop them from happening in the future.

To find out more, visit the Badger Trust Website or their Facebook and Twitter pages #StopBadgerCrime

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Patron: Mike Dilger
(Natural History Presenter)

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