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Dead Badgers

What do I do if I come across a dead badger?

  • Please call our local Badger group on 07341 944567 or 07341 944568. It is important we can keep a record of where badgers are found so we can see if a pattern emerges in case there are any suspicious circumstances occurring in the area. Please try and record the exact location to make it easy for one of our volunteers to find the animal if we need to come out and investigate.

  • ONLY if it is safe, try and check that the badger is actually dead, not just injured or ill. However never try and touch the badger. If it turns out to be alive and comes round a frightened badger can bite, and they have extremely strong teeth and very sharp claws that could cause you serious injuries.

  • Unless you are experienced or are sure that the badger is definitely dead, do not try to move it. We will move it off roads if possible.

  • If you suspect any suspicious activity has taken place, record details of the scene If you have a camera, briefly take a few photos (in particular note footprints), but remember to do this from a distance so as not to interfere with evidence.

  • Any unusual or suspicious activity should be reported to the police by calling 101 – please make sure you are given a crime number!

  • Another useful number is South Essex Wildlife Hospital 01375 893893.

  • If you have any other concerns or suspicions about the circumstances of the injuries to the badger, please see our page on dealing with injured badgers for further information of what to look out for.

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