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EBPG and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Like everybody else at the moment, our hardworking volunteers at The Essex Badger Protection Group are going to be taking the greatest of care to help stop the spread of Coronavirus and make sure that they stay safe as well as not create any risk to the general public. For this reason it is vitally important that we follow the current recommended government and health organisation guidelines as closely as possible and try to minimise any contact with other people.

Already some of our some of our volunteers are having to go through the process of self-isolation either for their own underlying health reasons or because they or somebody in their household are experiencing symptoms which could be related to coronavirus.

For all of the reasons above, we have made the decision that, until further notice, our volunteers should not be engaging in any activities which risk putting them into close contact with the public. This will include home visits and public events. All of our other call outs will be restricted only to the ones which are deemed to be an emergency, ie injured or sick badgers. We will continue to keep track of any RTA reports and do our best to check them out wherever it is safe and possible for us to do so.

We would like to wish everybody and their loved ones continued good health against the coronavirus and urge you all to take care over the coming weeks. We can not stress enough how important it is for everybody to keep track of all the latest news and advice regarding coronavirus and try to avoid going out as much as possible until it is safer to do so.

Stay safe!

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